As part of the registration for the EMHA 2017/18 season, $50 is prepaid and incorporated into your registration fees at the start of the year.  This money goes towards a monetary raffle that will be held this year on December 15, 2017.  Team managers will be distributing your prepurchased tickets when the season starts.  You have already paid for these tickets and can choose to either sign them with your own information for the draw or sell them and keep the money for yourself.  Either way the tickets need to be turned in via team managers no later than December 1, 2017. Winners will be posted on the website following the draw.




1st Prize - $1000.00 - Liz Webkamigad - Ticket Number:  0642

2nd Prize - $500.00 - Lisa Forest - Ticket Number:  0204

3nd Prize - $250.00 - Krista Ellin - Ticket Number:  0400

4th Prize - $100.00 - Paul Vollicks - Ticket Number: 0352

5th Prize - $100.00 - Mel Vincent - Ticket Number: 0524



Espanola 50/50 Winners


Box 5076

Espanola, ON

P5E 1S1



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